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Band Biography

Condren is a rock band located in Grand Rapids, MI. It was first started when brothers Nick and Dennis Arkesteyn, with bassist Adam Stephenson began jamming together. This arrangement of players went uninterrupted until just June of 1997 with the arrival of singer and guitar player Brad Harris.

Brad had recently departed from the band UltraViolent, and soon after, the bass player from UV, Patrick Bruin, joined Condren. Originally called Sealed Fate, the band played only instrumentals. Now as Condren, the band jams on nearly 10 original tunes, instrumental and non, as well as some cover songs. The band's main influences come mostly from Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, Korn, and The Doors, among others.

Brad Harris, Patrick Bruin, and Nick Arkesteyn are all 16 years old, while Dennis Arkesteyn is 13. Age has been a frequent problem for the band, at least as far as restriction and being labeled goes.

If you are living in the Grand Rapids area, come check us out...the band hella rox, and I'm sure you'll dig our sound!


I've played guitar for only about 3 years, but I have worked with a few great players before. I first started on the drums 7 years ago, and still play, but also jam on the guitar. My first band was called UltraViolent. UV was a heavy, rockin band, but we were so 'simple structured' with our songs, that only few followed. Eventually, we broke up, but Condren has brought back a few of the old UV tunes. I am also currently in a Christian rock band called JustNoise, and in another year, Patrick and I will be starting another metal group with me behind the drum set. If the music thing doesn't work, then I plan to make a career in my artwork.


Patrick has been one of my best friends since elementary. We played together in UltraViolent, and now in Condren and soon to come, another. I can remember hearing him for the first time on, has he come a long way! (to put it bluntly, the kid used to suck!) Now, he can freestyle on the bass like second nature, and he is another to notice on the electic guitar. He has owned a bass for 5 years, and musicality has been a trait passed down from both sides of his family. Funny guy...he loves his Kalamazoo! (inside joke, so don't even try to understand!)


One of the only two original members left, Nick has been playing the drums since before he could walk and has turned out to be an excellent player. He has a great ear for can play any recognizable song for him on the guitar and he could tell you if the notes were right, or if you played it a half of a step flat just by listening. (he also has a guitfiddle...classy, yet unrefined!) Also, Nick is very creative and can follow pretty much any guitar riff that we jam on. He has good playing style (though sometimes almost too loud!) and is a main part of the group. (he just needs to calm down sometimes!)


Dennis, though young and inexperienced, is a great guitarist. Not to the point of "guitar god," but he is quite skilled for his age. He creates excellent riffs and plays them fast and clean. Unfortunatley, however, he owns a Fender Stratocaster, which I strongly disapprove of. (don't ask!) He's been playing for about 5 years I believe.