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Condren is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based rock band. Members include vocalist/guitarist Brad Harris, drummer Nick Arkesteyn, guitarist Dennis Arkesteyn, and bass player Patrick Bruin. The band has been together with this line-up since June of '97.

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You may know the band as NARCOSIS...we just recently decided to change the name...again. In the beginning, the band was SEALED FATE, then was ARKREM, and then OMEGA, which was followed by NARCOSIS. Please don't ask where any of these names came from or what they mean...I'm the new guy here! Anyway, we're looking forward to reading any comments you may have about the band or the pages...just leave 'em in the guestbook or send it via e-mail. We're looking forward to meeting you and hearing from you.

Here's some pages about us...

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