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About the band...

JustNoise is all friends, we all worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and we all have a certain taste for making music...enjoy!

The following biographies are composed by Brad Harris

- Bass

Brian has come a long way on the bass. Even more, from what I know, spiritually. He has to be one of the biggest religious influences I've seen on people. He is one of the most unique individuals, in the way that he has helped, preached, and ministered through music as well as many other ways. I think that Brian has really grown to love the bass. He's a great person to work and pray with.

- Vocals/Trumpet

After mere weeks of learning guitar, Joe kinda fell into our laps as rhythm guitarist. Well, things didn't exactly work out for him in the axe department, so he tried singing background vocals at a practice, and as things progressed, he became a lead and harmony singer on top of the occassional trumpet. Joe has made a huge progression in his faith. He had recently made a switch, probably for the best, in order to make this progression possible. I have to hand it to him, he's da man!

- Guitar

MIKE! He's awesome! He formed the band, wrote the lyrics, guitar base riffs, and composed everything. He has brought the entire band many steps further in every way possible. As the youth leader at Orchard Hill Reformed Church (where the band attends mass), Mike has taught us so much...from music to Christ, Mike has opened our eyes to so much. Without this mentor, who knows where we would be right now.


Wow. Being pitch perfect, Steff has amazing musical talents with not only his voice, but also violin, trumpet, and virtually any instrument he touches! He originally made only a guest appearance on the ballad "Goodbye," and things eventually went from there to him joining up. After we established the songs that he played violin on, he started singing on others. Steff has made a great donation to Just Noise musically, and has become more and more interested in Christ's kingdom. Steff is my boy!!!

- Drums/Percussion

Me. That's me. I don't wanna overdo the good stuff on me. I'll save most of it for everyone else. I think that in the past year or so I've really obtained a new level of spirituality. I really owe a huge thank you to everyone in the band, not only for being some of the greatest friends I've ever had in my life, but also for helping me to realize the important things in life. And the most important, God. Originally I was playing guitar in the band, but in about November of 1998, when Jeff Link left the band to pursue the other side of his musical talent in college. Jeff definitely rubbed off on me, not only in style, but also some aspects of personality. I love making music, and I hope I never stop.

- Piano/Keys

This kid is an awesome pianist! He is truely a great player in the band and he makes JustNoise complete. I believe that he has been growing on a spiritual level also. Although quite immature (ugh)...ok, he's very immature...alright, he's the most immature person I've ever met! But that's what makes him so unique!! Life wouldn't be the same without Karp! Krispy Kreme-owicz!

- Vocals

Derek has been one of the best friends to me that anyone could ever ask for. He's always been there for me, as well as many others, through thick and thin. I don't think that there's a thing in the world that Derek dislikes. He is one of the best examples of a good person and Christian all around. To match his strong beliefs and morals, he is a great singer. He always puts forth is best, and he never settles for any less. And what a great tan!