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JustNoise Pics


Here's the band at Just As You Are Christian Coffeehouse in Asheville, NC. From left to right: Brian Bellgraph, Brad Harris, Ryan Karpowicz(in back), Becky Roobol, and Jeff Link. Mike Collison and Derek Steele not pictured.
Becky Roobol sings while Brad Harris plays his electric.

Another from Just As You Are. In back is Jeff on the set, then Brad on guitar, Mike in front, Brian on bass, and Ryan on keys. Derek and Becky were not on stage at this moment.

Jeff rocks the drums as Derek shares the mic with Brad for "End of the World." Mike also jammin on stage.

Here's an old one of the band. This is before Ryan and Brad joined, and by the looks of things, Mike was running the camera. Left to right: Becky (in back), Jeff, Derek, Mary, and Brian.

Here's another old one. Wow.