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"To the Man Present Only in my Dreams"

by Meghan Maciaszek

I welcome your love as a rose
greets the sun's soft rays
in the Spring.
With magic fingers,
you reach into my inner soul,
and in turn release all the love
I have to offer.
The warmth of your tenderness
brings out my hidden feelings of compassion,
held gaurded for so long;
as a rose gently blooms,
petal by petal.
The whispered promise of another day
of your companionship
is as needed
as water for a flower.

But with the power to unfold me,
comes the power to seal me,
to shut me off forever.
With one motion you could end this beauty
you have helped me create.
And like the frost in the winter,
me and my love:
for you, for me, for life,
would cease to exist.
My flower would die.

Meghan Maciaszek