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Songography: CONDREN

Here is a listing of all the songs we play and their signifigances.

"Cold Day In Hell" - by D. Arkesteyn and N. Arkesteyn
   We dropped this song long ago!  It was the first...before me & Patrick

"Homocide" - by D. Arkesteyn, N. Arkesteyn, B.Harris
   Also an earlier tune, I recently added some riffs to complete it.

"Black Widow" - by B. Harris, D. Arkesteyn - lyrics by B. Harris
   This was our very first song we played together.  There's still a 
   few parts that need work, but we're gettin it.

"August Sky" - by B. Harris - lyrics by B. Harris
   This one's our ballad.  This song is really creative and it's one
   that I put a lot of emotions into while writing.  I love this song.
LISTEN to a phrase from this song
"Vortex" - by B. Harris - lyrics by B. Harris This tune ROCKS! "Vortex" is our hardest hitter in many ways. "Apocalypse Now" - by P. Minasola, P. Bruin, B. Harris - lyrics by B. Harris's an UltraViolent original...only suped up. I took the basic layout of the song and added a really melodic, clean intro. I did that only because the rest of the song is pure thrash! "Insomnia" - by P. Minasola, P. Bruin - lyrics by B. Harris Also originally a UV tune, we add a drum intro when playing this live. This song probably gets the best crowd response. "King of No Repentance" - by B. Harris - lyrics by B. Harris Written in 7/4 time...really heavy. "Forever In Limbo" - by B. Harris - lyrics by B. Harris Here's a new one that I wrote especially for Halloween. I played a solo version this past Halloween for a gig. Really grim & dark. "Runaway" by D. Shannon - lyrics by D. Shannon Here's a classic that we've been working on to make it jam out. We've got another two songs that have no names or particular arrangements, so I did not include them. All of these songs hella jam, so check em out! We also play a medley of heavy tunes when we are live. The medley includes pieces from songs like Metallica's "Enter Sandman," Pantera's "Cemetery Gates" and "Domination," Megadeth's "Symphony of Destruction," a Korn tune, and of course, the classic "Cat Scratch Fever" by Nugent. Check us out sometime...if you can't, drop me line on the guestbook!

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